Published Writings

Here is the growing list of my published writings. Enjoy!

Currently available:

Cascadia’s Fault: 2015 Poetry Collection

Cascadia's Fault: 2015 Poetry Collection by [Nixon, Eric]

Poetry collection – Kindle edition & print edition – 156 pages


Written over the course of 2015, Cascadia’s Fault reads like the diary of a poet with each of Eric Nixon’s 101 poems chronicling life in Portland; everything from the nuanced thoughts, to the overlooked observances, to the major life events of the year.

The Taborist: 2014 Poetry Collection

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 2.52.47 PM

Published: May 2015

Poetry collection – Kindle edition & print edition – 166 pages


2013 was the year Eric Nixon moved
away from his life-long home of New
England for the Pacific Northwest. The
change in location influenced his modern
and acutely observant writing style.
The Taborist contains Nixon’s
entire poetic output, all 112
poems written in 2014.


The Entire Universe – A Poetry Collection

The Entire Universe - Cover 5 narrow SMALL

Published: January 2014

Poetry collection – Kindle edition  & print edition – 318 pages


This collection contains Eric Nixon’s entire poetic output, all 265 poems, written in 2013. Mostly written among the Green Mountains of rural Vermont, Nixon takes his readers on a journey of spirituality, self-discovery, and a cross-country move that is peppered with astute observances and sharp slices of everyday life that often go unnoticed by most during their daily routines. The Entire Universe will have you looking at existence in a whole new light and give you a greater appreciation for each and every moment.


Trying Not To Blink A Poetry Collection

Trying Not To Blink cover - SM

Published: January 2013

Poetry collection – free ebook  & (not free) print edition – 222 pages (21,500 words)


rying Not To Blink is the follow-up to Eric Nixon’s previous poetry collections, Anything but Dreams and Lost In Thought. After hearing Garrison Keillor read one of his poems on the public radio program, The Writer’s Almanac, Nixon was deeply inspired to write poetry again after a seven-year absence. Trying Not To Blink contains all 160 poems written in 2012, in his unique accessible style.


Lost in Thought A Poetry Collection

Lost In Thought cover - SM

Published: December 2012

Poetry collection – free ebook & (not free) print edition – 190 pages (18,000 words)

Book description:

Lost In Thought is the powerful companion to Eric Nixon’s 2004 poetry collection, Anything but Dreams. Comprised of the reminder of his poetic output from that time period, the subjects of this varied collection are told from his unique and easily accessible viewpoint and range from deep loss, to the absurd, to finding love, to the odd daily observances that often go overlooked.

This collection is the remainder of my unpublished poetry written from 2002 to 2005.


.Emily Dickinson, Superhero – Vol. 1

Published: October 2012

Fictional alternative history novel – 422 pages (153,000 words)

Book description:

Emily Dickinson is widely regarded as one of the greatest poets in history. The world saw her as a withdrawn, reclusive writer with a desperate need for privacy.

That’s exactly what she wanted you to think.

Emily Dickinson was also one of the greatest superheroes who ever lived.

Emily Dickinson, Superhero – Vol. 1 follows a young Emily Dickinson acquiring her superpowers, and having to learn to use them while dealing with a whole host of issues; ranging from protecting her town from a horde of supernatural beings, to dealing with a gang of malevolent supers. The 422-page book is comprised of the following three stories:

Vol. 1, Episode 1 – Tomb and Graves – In 1852, a secret society at Amherst College succeeded in bringing the dead back to life…and quickly lost control. Emily Dickinson, a young woman imbued with superpowers, teamed up with the town’s new police officer to fight the supernatural hordes attacking the annual Cattle Show.

Vol. 1, Episode 2 – Creation of a Superhero – Emily tells her sister, Lavinia, and Officer Lawless the origins story of her abilities. From her time training with a ninja while a student at Mount Holyoke, to her becoming a patient of Dr. Jackson, and dealing with the superpowers she received in the process, Emily has to quickly adapt to deal with a crime gang threatening Boston.

Vol. 1, Episode 3 – Austin in Boston – In January of 1853, Emily travels to Boston to visit her brother, Austin, enrolled at Harvard Law School. While there, the Boston Supers Group asks for Emily’s help in catching an unknown super terrorizing the city. Not wanting to get involved, Emily declined, but soon found herself drawn in by an old adversary and his gang bent on a single-minded determination for revenge.Read about her adventures in Emily Dickinson, Superhero – Vol. 1

Available as an ebook for $4.99 or get the print edition.


Anything but Dreams – A Poetry Collection

Published: July 2011

Poetry collection – ebook – 126 pages (19,983 words)

Available at Amazon (for the Kindle or Kindle app) – $2.99

Available at Smashwords (all other ebook formats) – $2.99

Book description:

Often described as “Poems for people who don’t like poetry,” this observant, engaging, and heartfelt collection will pick you up and whisk you along the gamut of emotions from exuberant happiness, to deep loss, with frequent stops at the ecstatic, as well as the absurd. These poems wonderfully capture snippets of life in an original and clever manner. Anything but Dreams contains the poem, Riding The Red Line, read by Garrison Keillor on the Writer’s Almanac on NPR.


Incident on the Hennepin

ncident on the Hennepin

Published: July 2011

Short story – ebook – 18 pages (7931 words)

Available at Amazon (for the Kindle or Kindle app) – $0.99

Available at Smashwords (all other ebook formats) – $0.99

Story description:

In the year 2492, the luxury cruise ship, Hennepin, makes a mysterious emergency stop to the distant Treadway Station. As the ship arrives, Card, a maintenance worker, goes outside to make repairs on the station, and returns an hour later only to find all 25,000 residents have gone missing. As he tries desperately to escape the nightmare unfolding around him, he discovers he may share the same fate as his crew mates.

Plenty of Time

Published: May 2011

Short story – ebook – 23 pages (9446 words)

Available at Amazon (for the Kindle or the Kindle app) – $0.99

Available at Smashwords (all other ebook formats) – $0.99

Story description:

Tim, a technician who provides maintenance on a super-secret time machine, steals an unauthorized trip into the past to try and save his recently deceased fiancee, unaware of the effects this seemingly innocent event will have on the world.


Retribution on a Jetpack

Published: April 2011

Short story – ebook – 17 pages (5721 words)

Available at Amazon (for the Kindle or Kindle app) – $0.99

Available at Smashwords (all other ebook formats) – $0.99

Story description:

A woman with nothing to lose embarks on a potential suicide mission, across the dangerous inner asteroid belt, with only one goal in mind: to destroy the man who took her family. Set in the distant future, this a companion story to the forthcoming science fiction novel, 2492.


Anything but Dreams

Published: July 2004

Poetry collection – print edition – 212 pages

Available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble – $17.95

I still have just a few signed copies of the print edition available for $20 (including shipping within the US). Email me at EricNixonAuthor (at gmail) dot com to order one.


Observant, engaging, and heartfelt, this collection will pick you up and whisk you along the gamut of emotions from exuberant happiness to deep loss with frequent stops at the ecstatic, as well as the absurd. Eric Nixon has recorded the world around him in an original and wonderful way with a poetic style that is uniquely his.