Steve’s Sugar Shack

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Maple day! Well, it’s not an official day or anything but we got up early and went to a sugar shack, nonetheless.

It was very foggy drive. I wish there was snow on the ground to make the whole late-winter tradition of sugar shacking more authentic, but there’s not much you can do about the weather.

We drove to nearby Westhampton to have pancakes at Steve (Holt)’s Sugar Shack (note: he’s not this Steve Holt). This was our third year going to his palace of pancakes, and we were excited to return.

We arrived a little after 8am, and the family-style tables were about half-full. We ordered at the counter and found a clear section of a table free by the windows.

Super-fresh, couldn’t-be-more-local maple syrup (plus ketchup, and a flower).

And, before we could blink, our food had arrived! Kari got French toast, I ordered pancakes (which were  h u g e), and we shared a side of eggs. Great stuff!

On their Facebook, they said they were done boiling sap for the season, and they would just be boiling water for the steamy ambiance, but since there was a freeze last night, they were able to collect sap and boil some more today.

A look inside the evaporator.

Steve, himself, wearing the Triple S coat.

We got there at a great time, because as we were leaving, there was a huge line of people, stretching out the door, waiting to get in. No wonder, it’s one of the best sugar shacks around.


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