Future writings

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Here are a few of my upcoming projects that I’m currently working on.

2015 Poetry Collection

Due date: February 2016

Poetry collection


My entire poetic output from 2015.



Due season: 2016

Science fiction novel – 492 pages


The year is 2492. Space travel is routine and uneventful, the planets and moons within a dozen light-years of Earth have been colonized, and heiress Bryn Struse, a “normal” girl despite her connection to StruseCorp, is about to turn eighteen and discover the secrets housed in her family’s powerful corporation.

As she begins to investigate the mysterious circumstances around of her parents’ long-ago disappearance, Bryn quickly finds her own life in danger from a persistent two-hundred year old cyborg who will stop at nothing to get at her. Who sent the cyborg, and why, is the mystery at the heart of this book.  The story chronicles Bryn’s coming of age as she attempts to wrest control over StruseCorp from the evil hands who currently run things, and solve the painful mystery of what exactly happened to her pioneering parents while trying to avoid the constant danger to her own life.

This is the first novel in a four-book series.


2492 is complete, but I’m giving it another round (or two) of editing before I publish it.


Winters in Boston

Winters In Boston - 2014 cover 2 cropped

Due year: 2016

Chick-lit novel – about 300 pages in length


Charlotte (Charlie) Winters, a career woman in her mid 30s, was married to her career…until she got downsized. Trying to make a new career for herself working for herself was hard enough without falling in love with one of her clients. When her client’s co-worker butts in and causes problems, everything, from her new career to her new love life, is at risk of falling apart. Can Charlie keep it together?

Winters in Boston is the first in a three-book series.


Currently writing.


Awakened in the Future

Due date: 2017?

Science fiction novella – around 100 pages


A person cryogenically frozen in the 22nd century is revived in the year 2492. His tour of the future is sidetracked when someone tries to kill him. He begins to suspect that there’s more to the seemingly innocent woman assigned by StruseCorp to show him the solar system.


This was originally the first hundred pages of my novel 2492. After the last edit, I realized that this story line seemed a little out of place in the book and would live a better life as a stand-alone novella. I’m currently editing it.



Emily Dickinson, Superhero – Vol. 2

Due date: After the above books are released.

The book is divided into three novellas. After Episode 3 is complete, the print edition will be released.

Vol. 2, Episode 1 – Angel Of The Oxbow

Vol. 2, Episode 2 – The Railroad

Vol. 2, Episode 3 – The Carnival