Future writings

Here are a few of my upcoming projects that I’m currently working on.


2492: Attack Of The Ancient Cyborg

Will be published January 2017

Science fiction novel – 334 pages


Bryn Struse has a lot to worry about.

This year, the orphaned daughter of humanity-saving inventors turns eighteen and inherits the largest corporation in the Solar Union’s history. To get there she will have to deal with uncovering evidence surrounding her parents’ disappearance, avoiding mobsters intent on kidnapping her, and surviving a 200-year-old cyborg hell-bent on killing her.

With the help of her best friend, Amory, Bryn traverses the dangerous chessboard of trouble and intrigue, which takes place in the near-utopian space-based setting of the year 2492.


This is the first novel in a three-book series.


The Ocean Above: 2016 Poetry Collection

Anticipated release: February 2017

Poetry collection


All 70 poems I wrote in 2016.



Winters in Boston

Winters In Boston - 2014 cover 2 cropped

Anticipated release: Late 2017

Chick-lit novel – about 300 pages in length


Charlotte (Charlie) Winters, a career woman in her mid 30s, was married to her career…until she got downsized. Trying to make a new career for herself working for herself was hard enough without falling in love with one of her clients. When her client’s co-worker butts in and causes problems, everything, from her new career to her new love life, is at risk of falling apart. Can Charlie keep it together?

Winters in Boston is the first in a three-book series.


Currently writing.



Emily Dickinson, Superhero – Vol. 2

Due date: After the above books are released.

The book is divided into three novellas. After Episode 3 is complete, the print edition will be released.

Vol. 2, Episode 1 – Angel Of The Oxbow

Vol. 2, Episode 2 – The Railroad

Vol. 2, Episode 3 – The Carnival