Hi!  I’m Eric.

Eric Nixon Sept 2013_2

A li’l about me:  I grew up in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts where I spent my youth doing Boy Scout stuff, writing the occasional story, and reading tons of books. I went to college where I eventually majored in Hotel Management. I then spent the next twenty years as a hotel manager, running hotels in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Massachusetts (again), Alabama, Massachusetts (yet again), and Washington.

From 2002 to 2005, I immersed myself in poetry and wrote over 700 poems during those two and a half years. In 2004, I published my first poetry collection, Anything but Dreams. On August 29, 2011, Garrison Keillor read my poem, Riding The Red Line on his NPR program, The Writer’s Almanac. In September of 2011, I had the great honor of reading the first poem at the Emily Dickinson Poetry Marathon, starting off the 16-hour event. After a seven-year absence, I started writing poetry again in 2012. In December 2012, I published the remainder of my poetry written in the mid 2000s as a collection entitled, Lost In Thought. In January 2013, I released, Trying Not To Blink, a book made up entirely of poems I wrote in 2012. Each year since I have published poetry collections with The Entire Universe: 2013 Poetry Collection, The Taborist: 2014 Poetry Collection, Cascadia’s Fault: 2015 Poetry Collection, and The Ocean Above: 2016 Poetry Collection.

In 1987, I came up with the idea for a science fiction story. Over the next 30 years, I wrote what would become my novel, 2492: Attack Of The Ancient Cyborg due to be published in January of 2017. In 2011, I published several short stories, which include, Plenty of TimeRetribution on a Jetpack, and Incident on the Hennepin. The latter two stories are spinoffs set in the same world as 2492.

In October of 2012 I released my novel, Emily Dickinson, Superhero – Vol. 1. One thing I really enjoyed about writing this book was the blending of poetry and prose into a book that flows in a unique way. Yes, it’s very action-y, and a real page-turner, but it’s liberally peppered with interesting language. For more information, click the Emily tab up top, or go to EmilyDickinsonSuperhero.com.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife, Kari Chapin, author of the bestseller, The Handmade Marketplace, and the followup book, Grow Your Handmade Business. We have two dapper, dappled dachshunds, Baxter and Charlie Parker.

I can be reached at EricNixonAuthor (at gmail) dot com.