2012 poetry collection (now in book form!)

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The print edition of my  2012 poetry collection, Trying Not To Blink is now available! This 222-page book contains all 160 poems I wrote in 2012 and will have you feeling the light and fluffy, the hard and heavy, and every possible emotion hiding in between. Click this link to get one of your very own! OR…if […]

See from afar

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I was all sorts of excited today because my new glasses arrived! I got these from Warby Parker and they look pretty darn good. I think my other pair looks good as well, but it’s a nice change after two and a half years in the older frames. It’s been a while since I’ve posted […]

Trying Not To Blink

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My third poetry collection, Trying Not To Blink is now available! Here’s a little bit about it from the back cover: Trying Not To Blink is the follow-up to Eric Nixon’s previous poetry collections, Anything but Dreams and Lost In Thought. After hearing Garrison Keillor read one of his poems on the public radio program, […]

Printed poetry

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The UPS truck pulled into the driveway today and dropped off copies of my poetry collection, Lost In Thought! Thanks, UPS guy! I’m excited the print edition is now available and can be gotten at Amazon for $8. At 170 pages, it contains the remaining 102 unpublished poems I wrote in the early-to-mid 2000s. If […]


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Happy (well into the) new year! Only six days in and I’m pretty darn excited about the year that’s here. Kari and I had a little pow-wow last week where we hunkered down and did all sorts of planning and conspiring. Wonderful things are going to happen this year. In the immediate future, I’m waiting […]