Boston and Amherst

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This Thursday, Kari will be doing an event at the Trident Bookshop in Boston (on Newbury Street). She will give a little talk about the book, answer questions, and sign books. After the event, she’s having an impromptu gathering with anyone who wants to join her at the Trident’s cafe (much wine and merriment will […]


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I’m very excited! Tomorrow I will be announcing my new novel! Be sure to check back to read all about it. The other morning, I was eating breakfast and saw a cat go trotting by the window. That’s not really noteworthy, since there are a lot of “barn cats” that live around here, but when […]

Rejected author photos

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The other day, I put on some fancy clothes (a jacket), gathered up all my photo-taking stuff, and Kari and I went into the backyard to try and take the author photo for my new book. The above photo is not from that series (it’s from our tiny town’s museum), but the pictures below are […]


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Here’s a poem I just wrote, not two minutes ago:   Old Man With A Time Machine An old man with a time machine Once pulled me aside and said Five simple words that changed My life, my view, my perspective. Words spoken from the vantage Atop the mountain made tall, Towering high on the […]


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While doing all of the behind the scenes prep work for my book, I’ve discovered that, wow, writing a concise, succinct bio & description of the book is difficult. Really. Like trying to describe my entire life and my 330-page book each within the confines of a tweet-kinda tough. Next up: teaching myself HTML and […]


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I almost forgot! If you have one of those magical “mobile phones”-things, then this post is for you! I created a mobile version of this site so you don’t need to keep unsquinching the page to make it big enough to read. Well, unless you like doing that. If so, go to the bottom of […]

Coming soon

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For a long while now, I’ve been teasing you with fanciful notions of my new novel. Well, today I’m not going to tell you about it (*wah*wah*wahhhhh* – sad trumpet sound). Instead, I’m going to tell you that I’ll tell you about it next week. The book is done. Complete. It’s also been edited and […]