End of the year

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Busy busy busy. I haven’t had the time to write a proper post. Instead I’ll leave it with an expanded paraphrase of Ice Cube’s immortal words: “It was a good year.” Here are a few pictures I took while in Vermont over Christmas: If how this year ended is any preview of what the next […]


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Three posts in three days! When will I stop this craziness? (Answer: probably tomorrow.) Earlier this year I re-published my poetry collection, Anything but Dreams, and I started to seriously look at my vast trove of poetry sitting around and doing nothing. In the three years I wrote poetry (mid-2002 to mid-2005), I churned out […]

Bridge busker

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A long time ago, when Kari and I lived in Alabama for a that one year, we drove up to Chattanooga for a visit. We walked across a footbridge which spanned the river that cut through town, and that’s where I snapped the above picture. I think that overused phrase, “A picture is worth a […]