Falling snow (and powerlines)

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Happy Snowlloween! It snowed a wee bit the other day. While the amount of snow itself was unimpressive (maybe 8-10 inches), the trees were caught unawares and since they are a month late with dropping their leaves, they decided to drop their limbs instead. On the plus side, being without power for two full days […]

Snow (and the dachshunds who lurve it)

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  Hoo-ray! It’s snowing! No one is happier about it than our dogs. When we took them out earlier, Charlie bounded through the snow in circles and didn’t want to stop. Baxter, who normally hates anything cold, absolutely loves the snow, and will stand upright and make a desperate (and abnormally loud) cry-bark until you […]


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Zoe, by the light of the fridge. I think she forgot that I fed her twenty minutes earlier. Upon further thought, I seriously doubt she forgot. She’s quite manipulative. I didn’t feed her again. Much. What I’m listening to: Dramarama – Scenario

Cider day rules

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This past Sunday we were on our way to the co-op to get groceries when the overwhelming urge to do something spontaneous struck and took ahold of me (well, actually the steering wheel) and I made a last second turn off in another direction. I felt moved to do something we’ve been saying for the […]

More happy thoughts

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A cheery title I found in a sprawling used bookstore nearby. Are you somewhat geographically close to Baltimore? Are you free Thursday through Saturday? Then go to the aptly-named Summit of Awesome where Kari is a speaker. Her sessions are: Blogs, Books, & Magazines, Oh My! (with Kate McKean and Lish Dorset), and Goals and […]